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We are a boutique business law firm with over twenty-five years of combined experience representing privately held small to medium sized businesses, in the areas of business/corporate law, beverage law (wineries, breweries, restaurants) asset protection, intellectual property and real estate law.

We adhere to a pragmatic approach in representing our clients by first understanding the needs/goals of our clients and then offering feasable solutions to those needs.

In our website you will find a number of articles (free access) explaining various aspects of business and intellectual property law.  Thank you for considering our firm.

Michael W. Newcomb, Esq.
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(707) 509-8701 (Napa/Sonoma)
(951) 541-0220 (Temecula)

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Our firm was founded upon the goal of avoiding the typical "law firm" approach to the practice of law, which is often incompatible with meeting the goals and expectations of small business, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

As a "law firm" attorney, Mr. Newcomb heard all the traditional complaints, such as:

  • Lawyers are too expensive;
  • My lawyer won't return my (numerous) phone calls; and
  • The lawyer assigned to my case is new and doesn't know what he/she is doing.

After hearing these and other complaints over the years, Mr. Newcomb decided to form his own firm in order to provide his clients with a better experience.

Our approach to the practice of law is different (in a good way) than what many businesses have experienced from traditional law firms. In particular,

  • Our rates are less than typical law firms. By reducing our overhead (i.e. eliminating the glass tower with marble floors), We are able to extend to our clients the cost savings. This also means we can devote more time to our clients' needs in order to be cost effective.
  • We also limit the number of clients to a manageable size to prevent client dissatisfaction and quick response.

We get to know and understand our clients legal needs at a deeper level than most attorneys.

We are highly skilled and dedicated to providing cost effective and responsive legal representation. We strive to give every client the personal attention they require and deserve by analyzing risk, weighing the benefits and identifying goals to help your business grow.

Areas of Expertise

Practice Areas

To provide my clients the depth of knowledge they need and deserve, We concentrate on four primary areas of law, which are: business law, asset protection, real estate law and intellectual property.

Business Law:

  • Formation of your corporation/LLC/limited partnership or partnership;
  • Security issuance and investors;
  • Contracts;
  • Employee Issues and Disputes;
  • Shareholder/Member Disputes; and,
  • Dissolution

Asset Protection

  • Contracts (promissory notes, security agreements, etc.).
  • Insurance Evaluation.
  • Entity Formations (LLC, corporations, limited partnerships, etc.).
  • Estate Planning and Trusts.
  • Asset Protection Trusts.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks
    • Evaluation and Opinion Letters
    • Registration of Federal and State Marks
    • Response to Office Actions
    • Infringements
    • Assignment / Transfer
  • Trade secrets
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Copyrights
    • Registration
    • Assignment / Transfer
    • Infringement Disputes
  • Licensing / Royalties
  • Cyber / Internet Law
    • WIPO and Domain Name Disputes
    • E-commerce
    • Domain Names

Real Estate Law

  • Commercial / Residential Purchase
  • Leases / Rental Agreements
    • Residential
    • Gross
    • Net and Triple Net
    • Shopping Center (retail with percentage rents)
    • Land and Ground Lease
  • Disputes between property owners
  • Investment Properties and Asset Protection

While our firm is based in Temecula, which is located in South Riverside County, California, our clients can be found all over California, including Ventura, Napa, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County, Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet, Fallbrook, and Escondido.


What Our Client's Say

"For over 10 years, Michael has been my company and personal lawyer, helping us with everything from trademarks to disputes. His knowledge, skill and commitment to helping me grow my business has been invaluable."

Marshall Stuart
Stuart Cellars Winery


"Michael's pragmatic approach to working with our company has made navigating through our legal issues both efficient and cost effective."

Richard Brewster, President
Zuroma Restaurant Group, Inc.


"Michael has assisted us with a dispute with a competitor, shareholder meetings, corporate securities, and trademark and intellectual property issues. Sensitive to our goals, Michael is always easygoing and able to synthesize complex legal issues in a way that can be easily understood by those without a legal education."

Dorian Linkogle, President
Briar Rose Winery, Inc

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